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Our Story

 According to John Lasseter, ‘The ideal business strategy is to focus on quality’. That is exactly what Raghav Arora, the co-founder of Cle & Co, believed in when he began his ambitious endeavour of going a notch above the regular furniture brands, to turn his own brand into a lifestyle. Having worked as a financial analyst, Raghav foresaw the immense opportunities in e-commerce ventures, thereby, deciding to establish a long-term brand affiliation for online merchandising. Since its inception, our primary mission has been to cater to the preferences of the consumers worldwide with international quality products at Indian pricing.

Unique, eclectic, rebellious, sophisticated, and on the cusp of commercial reality and cultural appeal, the Cle & Co home decor is a unique dialogue between styles and eras, where opulent materials and stunning shapes contrast with a well created and defined space. We create authentic, appealing and harmonised interior decor solutions that exemplify the best current design for all parts of the home to answer new lifestyles with cutting-edge technology and superb craftsmanship.

What Makes Us Stand Out A well-curated combination of wall decor, furniture, and accessories that outlive everyday environments, define personalities of spaces, and add an unexpected but wonderfully welcome touch of inventiveness and beauty. Extensive study to incorporate the finest quality, authentic materials that are tailored to each individual project. It’s important to have a connection between the past and the present. This means that we can change and grow, yet at the same time stay true to our own unique style.

Cle & Co takes pride in offering our customers a fluid commerce experience, consistent across all platforms and devices. We value your time and help you save as much as possible through the technology and efficiency of online portals, with the convenience of frictionless and personalised shopping straight from the comfort of your homes.

Our Vision

Quality and design at the core.

Our Mission

To create timeless items that embody our ability to develop unique design and manufacturing excellence in pursuit of uncompromising innovation. Become our customers’ preferred partner through ground-breaking projects, continuous research, unmatched quality, exemplary service, and customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Courage to experiment, nurturing creativity to advance and improve quality, and always preserving our position as a pioneer in design, from the conception of the first idea to the research, production, and development of each product. Clarity in bringing new ideas to life, expanding our horizons to create brilliant synergies and lasting partnerships. Extensive research to ensure quality and authenticity along with the consistent unfolding of futuristic designs.